My amazing run: 300km in five days to fund research

09 December 2016
James in local newspaper

James Morgan completed an incredible challenge - to run 300 km in five days around his home town of Shrewsbury - to help raise funds for Children with Cancer UK.

35-year-old James has been running for three years to help with his Borderline personality disorder (BPD). He found running helped relieve some of his symptoms, including anxiety and depression.

Regular running soon turned into marathon running around the UK.

Inspired by seeing Children with Cancer UK TV adverts, James decided to raise money for us to help ensure children with cancer had the best possible chance.

James tells his story

James and son with CwCUK banner“Cancer came into our lives when my wife’s uncle had pancreatic cancer. It really affected us a family. Cancer is a devastating disease and affects people from all walks of life, and all ages.

I have a five-year-old son. As a parent you love your children and you would do anything for them.

I kept seeing adverts from Children with Cancer UK and how cancer affects not only the child, but the whole family. I decided to take on an incredible run challenge and raise funds for the Children with Cancer UK and help fund research for better and safer treatments for childhood cancer.

300km in 5 Days

My challenge was to run 300KM in five days around my home town of Shrewsbury.

My training regime was tough and tested me to my limits. At times I wanted to quit, but that just didn’t feel right!This was no easy task - was I taking on too much?

My training regime was tough and tested me to my limits. At times I wanted to quit, but that just didn’t feel right!

I trained for almost 18 months. My family, and friend Dave, were really supportive - despite some other people doubting me!

Local Star

James with CwCUK vestI started a JustGiving Page with a target of £1,500 which I have already passed.

My campaign started on Monday 17th October 2016. The local Shropshire Star covered the story with a big article which raised awareness of what I was trying to achieve.

180km by day 3

My friend, Dave, offered lots of encouragement. He kept my spirits high and made me focus on the end date: Friday 21st October 2016.

My sister, Emma, ran 22 miles with me. I was also joined by some experienced runners along the way.

By Wednesday early evening I had done 180KM.   

278km in nine hours – it’s getting very tough

I was shaking, hallucinating, couldn’t speak and went to bed straight after my day’s run.By Thursday evening I had done 237km in nine hours.

I was shaking, hallucinating, couldn’t speak and went to bed straight after my day’s run.

Friday came and my target was 63KM to go. While running I received a message that Radio Shropshire was going to do a live radio interview. This was a real boost.

One of my friends came and finished the last 30KM with me. My wife joined me for the last 16KM.

We eventually crossed the finish line 12 hours later - at 20.56pm on Friday, 25th October 2016.


All the running and fatigue caught up with me and I ended up in Accident & Emergency with a swollen calf muscle.


I ended up on crutches and needed some physio!

Some stats

  • Total hours: 45 hours and 12 minutes
  • Elevation of 1136ft
  • 379 000 steps
  • 33 000 calories burnt

Why Children with Cancer UK?

Cancer is a horrific, vile disease, and the treatment is unbearable. It affects the whole family and friends. Even if it’s cured, it can come back - and at times much stronger than before.

Having a healthy little boy, I feel so lucky. It makes me want to help fund research to fight childhood cancer. The children are so brave. It is so hard to watch and read about the painful treatment they go through. I feel so strong and emotional about it, and want to help.

I’m still fundraising

Even though I have passed my initial target, I am still raising more money for Children with Cancer UK.”

Please donate on JustGiving


James says:
“I would like to thank my family and managers at Lloyds bank where I work - Julia Bird, Lisa Wood for their understanding and support throughout the whole challenge.

Thank you Children with Cancer UK, you rock and save lives!”

We say:
Thanks, James, for all your efforts and commitment and money raised!


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