Welcome to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

01 September 2014
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We’re looking ahead to September, which will be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM).

It's a global thing…

Previously Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was held during December, this was moved to September this year to bring the UK in line with other countries including the USA, Canada and Australia. Charities across the globe, including our friends at St Baldrick's Foundation in the States, use September to raise awareness, raise money and help more children with cancer - so we're doing the same on this side of the pond.

One diagnosis impacts many

Every day, around six children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. So this September alone, 180 families will be told the news that their child has cancer.
Thankfully, childhood cancer is relatively rare and more than three quarters of young cancer patients can now be successfully treated. But cancer is the most common cause of death in children aged one to 14, with around 400 children and teenagers losing their lives to cancer every year in the UK.

Joining forces

At Children with Cancer UK, we fund life-saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood cancer and to protect young lives through essential welfare and campaigning programmes.

We're joining forces with other charities and support groups in the UK in order to tell more people about the impact of childhood cancer and the need for more support for children, young people and their families.

It's a perfect opportunity not just to raise awareness of childhood cancer, but to let people know what we at Children with Cancer UK are doing to help.

What we'll be doing

• Throughout September, we'll be sharing our weekly Doctor's Diary on our blog, focusing on the different stages of a child's cancer diagnosis. Our doctor also has a personal experience of childhood cancer and her viewpoint is unique.
• A number of families have shared their personal experiences with us to help others - we'll be sharing a selection of these stories and films with you to show how a diagnosis can affect different people. 
• We'll give regular updates about how your support is helping to fund our life-saving work, including updates from researchers dedicated to fighting childhood cancer.
• We're holding a very special event for children with cancer and Zippos Circus later this month. This is a great opportunity for me to meet with just a handful of children who we are helping but most importantly, it gives children with or after cancer a well-deserved day out with their family.
• We're working with our valued corporate partners to promote our gold ribbons and raise awareness - we'll share blog posts and news on our Facebook and twitter channels so stay tuned!

How you can get involved

  • Support our September selfie! Simply dig out an old childhood photo (the more embarrassing, the better), take a pic on  your phone, then share your #youngerselfie on facebook, twitter or instagram!

Raising awareness all year round

Our #youngerselfie is a bit of fun, but there's a serious message behind everything we do.

We work all year round to help children with cancer, not just in September. By raising awareness of childhood cancer, we hope to put it at the top of the health agenda and put it at the forefront of people's minds. With your support we can fund more essential research in to the causes, presentation and treatment of childhood cancer - and save more young lives.

Thank you.


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