Deloitte's Challenge – Mount Kilimanjaro

14 June 2010
A member of the Deloitte tem at the summit of Uhuru PeakCarli Emery and 40 other members of the intrepid Deloitte team have successfully reached the summit of Uhuru Peak – Africa's highest point. Congratulations and well done to the whole team.

This Kilimanjaro climb is part of Deloitte's Community Investment Challenge.

Kilimanjaro, at 5,985m, is Africa's highest peak and the world's tallest freestanding volcano.

Each participant had their own unique and inspiring reason for completing the challenge. Here's just one of them.

Carli Emery, Senior Client Service Administrator: "My best friend Fiona works for Children with Cancer UK and has made me aware of the full impact of the disease on the children and their families.

I watched my Nan, my friend and soul mate, be taken from me by cancer. That was tough, but I have trouble getting my head round a child suffering the same, when most of them aren’t even old enough to tell you what’s wrong.

When the time came to put forward nominations for Deloitte’s new charity partners, I immediately nominated Children with Cancer UK. I was so glad that they were chosen to be one of Deloitte’s charities. I know that the work they do, and the support they provide, is vital to helping improve the treatment of childhood leukaemia.

Then I saw the email come round about the Kilimanjaro Challenge and jumped at the chance of applying.

What better way to help raise money for worthy causes than by doing a once in a lifetime challenge. I’ve done lots of fundraising activities in the past, from Fun Runs to pancake-eating contests. I even did The One Big Drop abseil for Children with Cancer UK.

This was different. It would challenge me to the extreme. I’m not, and never have been, the most active person. This would definitely test my fitness and my mental attitude. It would get me up off the sofa and maybe even to the gym!

I know it’s going to be tough. But it will be so worth it to get to the top – and know that I’ve achieved something amazing in life. And to have raised lots of money for four very worthy causes."

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