Journey from obese to the London Marathon

02 May 2014
Adrian Stohr London Marathon finish
Losing 8 stone to run his first marathon for Children with Cancer UK in 2013, Adrian also ran for us in 2014 and is looking forward to his third in 2015!
Adrian Stohr and kids before losing weight
Adrian (aka Ady), 37, and father of three, was diagnosed as morbidly obese just weeks after his father’s death in 2011.

The tragic loss spurred him to visit his GP. He weighed 24.5 stone and the doctor told him that he would be diabetic by the end of the year and was likely to die of a stroke or heart attack if he didn’t do something drastic.

Ady’s father died aged 58. He was diabetic and died of multiple organ failure.

Ady joined a gym, acquired a taste for running and signed up for the London Marathon.

I am doing it for Children with Cancer UK because unlike me, many of these kids don’t ever get the chance to turn their health around.Ady completed the 2013 Marathon in 5 hours 16 minutes and 18 seconds and says: “This was the greatest achievement of my life!” 

Ady was hoping to improve on his time in 2014 but a bout of pre-race illness and injury slowed him down. He still completed in 5 hours, 34 minutes and 10 seconds!

Ady’s story has been inspirational to many and he has appeared in newspapers, on radio shows and on TV. He is also writing a book about his incredible journey from obese to the London Marathon 2013.

Adrian Stohr running the London MarathonAdy’s achievements aren’t just limited to the London Marathon. He has also completed the Great North Run and the Silverstone Half Marathon.

Watch Adys Journey for Children with Cancer UK on YouTube:

Ady raised over £3,400 in his 2013 London Marathon and so far, in 2014, has raised £1,692.
Thank you Adrian for choosing Children with Cancer UK and for your inspiration.

Find out more about Adrian’s story on his website

Support Adrian, and Children with Cancer UK, on his Virgin Money Giving page

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