Some marathon running tips from Kenya!

31 March 2015
Lornah Kiplagat training in Kenya

About Lornah

Lornah Kiplagat has several world records to her name, has won four world titles and one European title. In 2007 she became world champion cross-country and she participated in three Olympic Games: Athens, Beijing and London (2012). She won the marathons of Los Angeles (twice), Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Osaka. Lornah is also the founder of the High Altitude Training Center in Iten, Kenya. At the London Marathon expo, Lornah is launching a new female running apparel range and is supporting our runners with these last minute running tips.

Lornah runningSome marathon running tips from Kenya!

Jambo! Hello from Kenya,

My name is Lornah Kiplagat and I have been asked to come up with tips for you in preparation for London Marathon. Even though I preferred 5k to half marathon in my career, I did run a personal marathon best of 2 hours 22mins. I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any personal questions my colleagues at will be happy to try and answer them on our social media pages (facebook or twitter).

You have just under 3 calendar weeks to go -  which is actually incorrect because actually you have only 1 week of hard training before the standard 2 week taper begins. This is not to say you will do nothing of note in the taper, but I want you to concentrate on the final block of training first.

So here are my 4 important tips!

Sleep like a Kenyan runner!

It may be 3 weeks to go but that only means 2 or 3 long runs to go. This is your opportunity to have some early/easy nights before these runs. Your training is hard enough without you waking up from little sleep. Your body is also training the hardest it has done in years so the more rest you can give it the better it can recover from all your hard work! I used to sleep for 14 hours as a pro athlete!

Eat like a marathon runner!

The running/healthy diet you started maybe starting to go pear shape. Remember your body is a machine - feed it bad fuel and liquid and it will not run smoothly! Carbs before your hard training sessions and lots of protein after. For long runs, start to practice your race day meals and practice your drinks or energy gels.

Niggles and injuries!

Now is the time to get yourself a massage and iron out any bumps and lumps you have in your leg muscles. Any injuries you’re struggling with, get them checked out. If you're currently injured you need to look at ways you can cross train and transfer your training schedule (i.e. swimming/cycling/cross trainer).

Train like a marathon runner!

Of course training is hard, but have a think back to when you first started training. The horrible first few weeks of hell. Now look at how far you have gone. 3 more weeks of focused training and you can turn around and say "I gave this my best shot". Be positive and proud of where you have come from rather than focusing on the negatives!

I hope these tips are of help. I'm going to be supporting you for a few more weeks leading up to the London Marathon. And I'll be there to meet you at the Children with Cancer UK stand at the London Marathon Expo from 11am-12noon on Wednesday and Thursday.

Congratulations on your training and the great work you’re doing for Children with Cancer UK.

Pop by our social media pages for any more tips or marathon questions.

Love Lornah


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