Our incredible partnership with Coral

08 August 2016
Coral 2 million pound cheque presentation

We are delighted to announce that Coral have now reached the £2m milestone in the funds they have raised for Children with Cancer UK.

This milestone has been reached following an extension of the hugely successful partnership, which was originally due to end in December 2015. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to continue to work with Coral and their staff at every level. They have helped us to reach this fantastic achievement.

In the last 6 months, the company has held our annual Bake Club in shops, has taken on football tournaments across the country and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise more funds for Children with Cancer UK.

Making a difference

...feeling huge sadness for those impacted by childhood cancer, unable to avoid putting myself in their shoes.And to mark this huge milestone, Children with Cancer UK hosted another special Laboratory tour for key members of staff, so that they could see the difference Coral are making first hand.

Steve Humphries, Central Operations Director at Coral, tells us about his experience:
“I found the whole experience a little like being on a rollercoaster – one minute feeling huge sadness for those impacted by childhood cancer, unable to avoid putting myself in their shoes. To the next minute, being totally humbled by the commitment, dedication and passion shared by the team in fighting it.

Frankly thank goodness for amazing people such as Dr Williams, Dr Gasparoli and Dr Hales – the mission is surely all the more likely to succeeded with such bright, passionate and motivated people on board.

Before the session I would count myself as an apostle of what you are trying to achieve, now I’m all the more so.”

The partnership is now due to end on 1st January 2017, meaning that we have time to raise even more and ultimately save more young lives. In that time, the team will be taking on the Great North Run, trekking Ben Nevis, holding their Olympic and Christmas fundraisers and supporting our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you Coral, for all you continue to do to support our work and for the children who will benefit. We are so, so grateful.

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