The children drew Christmas

23 November 2015
A snowman made by Erin, age 6

We asked some of the children we know if they'd like to make some Christmas pictures to share with you. 

We love what they sent us and we're sure you will too. Take a look at this slide show of their Christmas creations.

The children who contributed are:-

  • Tara age 12
  • Maisie age 6
  • Luke Age 8
  • Lucy age 3
  • Kodie age 5
  • Kayllum age 7
  • Erin Age 6
  • Caitlyn Age 8
  • Ben H age 8
  • Ben E age 11
  • Esme Age 6

You can read the children's stories here

Christmas friends Esme's Christmas card

From the children's wonderful drawings we selected Esme's to to turn into a Christmas card you can buy. You'll find Esme's Christmas card and the rest of our Christmas collection in our shop.

You can order up until 17th December.

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