The Horns pub and Gravity Fitness fundraiser

22 April 2014
Horns pub staff auction board
The Horns pub in Watford teamed up with a local fitness centre for an extravagant evening of dancing, auctions and more to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.

Pub owner, Pamela's daughter suffered from leukaemia

The Horns' owner, Pamela, chose Children with Cancer UK for their charity fundraiser. Pamela particularly wanted to support our work because her daughter, Rebecca, suffered from leukaemia as a child.

Pole dancing and pub staff up for auction!

The Horns had a fun-packed evening. There was a pole dancing demonstration by My Gravity Fitness & Dance, raffles, live music by Wing & Prayer and a staff auction!

Here's how some of the members of staff auctioned themselves:

  • "Cooks a mean curry, cuts grass, even does dinner dates - the choice is yours!"
  • "Lovely sweet Nicky, what will you get her to do?"
  • "Odd job? Electrical problems? Paul's the man you need!"
  • "Princess Georgia. Will you make her scrub the floors or take her to the ball?"

Jane and the team raised over £1,380 from the 100 guests on the night.

We’re truly thankful to everyone at the Horns for their support and hard work in organising such a wonderful event!

[22nd April 2014]

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