Igloo Books’ "Three Peaketeers" three peaks challenge

27 September 2013
Igloo Books team at start of Three Peaks Challenge
In July 2013 a group of 17 Employees from Igloo Books undertook the gruelling National Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.

The challenge: climb the three highest peaks in Britain in 24hrs

Beginning at 6am on Saturday 6th July the team climbed Britain’s highest peak Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Finishing at 11am they drove six hours to the Lake District to climb Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak.

A five hour night-time drive from the Lake District to Wales culminated in their final challenge -  to conquer Wales’ highest peak, Snowdon. This last drive and climb was the hardest of the three peaks, after a grueling previous 20 hours with little or no sleep.

The team trained for months for the challenge, with group outings to Rutland Water, Snowdon and many other routes around Northamptonshire.

Shortly before the event Group organiser Michelle Colville said: ‘it’s been a tough few months, but we’re all raring to go now. I just hope we finish the challenge within 24hrs, and raise lots of money in the process’.

The Group finished in an amazing 26hours 45 minutes and raised just over £7,000 for Children with Cancer UK  - this will go towards Igloo Books’ target of raising £75,000 for us in one year.

Here’s what team members had to say:

PEAKeteers Ben Nevis"I am exceptionally pleased I managed to reach all three peaks – it was tough at times but the thought of the kind donations and support we had received was enough to keep me pushing on and completing the challenge!" 

"I only managed to peak Ben Nevis due to injury but that was a huge personal achievement for me… The people we met along the way gave us so much support – not excluding Dexter the dog we met at the TOP of Ben Nevis!

But of course, it wasn’t about us...Just knowing the money we raised was going to such a good cause made all the pain and emotion worthwhile. I would do it all again tomorrow – might put a bit more training in next time though! My legs hurt!"

PEAKeteers Scafell PikeStevie:
"I think the attitude from the whole team was brilliant - from the word go everyone got stuck in and gave it a real effort. The weather was perfect and the contrast in the climate on Ben Nevis was awesome… 
With encouragement from the group, we all kept each other ticking and made it to the very end  - and what a relief that was!"

"As the driver my challenge was very different to the walkers. I had sheer admiration to my colleagues. Watching them all return was like rounding up your children and feeling rather humble and proud of each and every one's achievement as I drove them safely onto their next challenge.
I can honestly say I cried every time they returned out of relief they were ok and knowing you were helping others certainly helped to keep us all going."

"The response from friends and family was fantastic. They were all very positive and willingly donated helping me raise almost £500, something I thought I'd never achieve. There were 17 members in our team, which made the training a lot easier and kept moral up all the time. It was fantastic to be a part of the Igloo Team and to see everyone working and training together to make this challenge happen."

PEAKeteers SnowdenJohn M:
"I've been used to walking hills at comparative leisure, more recently walking on Dartmoor and Exmoor. The 24 or so hours that we had to complete this task was seemingly impossible - long drives, sleep deprivation, potential dehydration and injury. I gave all three peaks a go within the allotted timescale, pushed myself especially on the first and last peak. I knew I wasn't great with heights, but some things are there to be conquered."

John S:
"It was a true test of organisation, stamina and teamwork, as well as, of course, a huge chunk of fitness in trying to hit the holy grail of completing the challenge in less than 24 hours. A great and worthy challenge to raise a significant amount of money, as shown by the amazing team at Igloo Books!"

Jonny:PEAKeteers Snowden summit"Well, what a weekend we had from start to finish…

Ben Nevis.... it’s tough because you know it’s the highest mountain, but it also starts pretty full-on. It doesn't take more than a mile before the incline starts to get steeper and then terrain quite rocky.  In fact, the start is probably the hardest bit.  Everyone was doing well, spirits were high, the banter was flowing and sun was shining, perfect…

Scafell Pike soon arrived, boots were put back on to tired feet, water bottles were filled and off we went…
It was a moment of relief hitting the top of Scafell Pike, two down, only one left to go! After a pit stop and a fair few hours we arrived in Snowdon ready for the final hill. It was getting light when we set off so there was no need for headlamps.  A lovely temperature in the morning sun, not too hot or cold made it a really nice walk. Arriving at the bottom was a massive relief, finally the challenge was officially over and it was time to put my feet up with a bacon roll and cup of tea... BEAUTIFUL!

It was certainly a whole lot of fun, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Well done to Michelle and Sundip for organising and to Tracey for driving.  Well done to everyone that took part, it was great to share the experience with you all and be with you when so many of you achieved so much."

A huge thank you to the Igloo three Peaketeers – what a tremendous effort!

[September 2013]

Igloo Books is one of our Corporate Partners

Igloo Books has chosen Children with Cancer UK to be its Charity of the Year for 2013 and its employees are raising money through various means throughout the year.

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