Children with brain tumours

Finding out that your child has cancer can be the start of an uncertain and difficult time for families.
To try and help, a number of families have kindly shared their very personal experiences with us.

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23 November 2015
Rhiley and Lily
When Rhiley was two years old she was diagnosed with a rare tumour called ATRT that started in her spine and spread to her brain. Her mum, Kim, tells their story:

"On 8th April 2012, in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning, I gave birth to the most perfect little girl, Rhiley Kim Bennett, weighing a whopping 10Ibs 8oz. Until 10th May 2014, Rhiley was the happiest, most adorable, funniest little girl you could ever meet.Rhiley's daddy, Richie, and I were over the moon. Our little family was complete and we could not wait for Rhiley to meet her 11 month old sister Lily. Until 10th May 2014 Rhiley was the happiest, most adorable, funniest...
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01 May 2015
Blake in hospital
Blake was three years old when he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma - a brain tumour. His mum, Llian, tells their story - and also provides regular updates on how he is doing:

"Our little boy was a healthy, happy three-year-old until September 2013. Our lives then changed forever. We knew it was more than a virus We had numerous visits to our GP and were told he had a virus - or that he was attention-seeking.Blake wasn’t well – his symptoms included severe night-time headaches, spontaneous vomiting, tiredness, strange eye movements and a stiff neck and back.

We had numerous visits to our GP and were told he had a virus - or that he was a...
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20 April 2015
Elin riding her bike
Elin was having terrible seizures for two years before she was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour. She was five years old. Her mum Rhian tells their story:

"My daughter, Cadi-Elin (I call her Elin), turned six last October. She was born into this world on 31st October 2008 - a healthy 7lb 14oz.

In early 2011, when Elin was two, there was a sudden change in her behaviour. My happy and contented child quickly became difficult, less engaging and less sociable. As time went on she became more and more agitated. Some may even have described her as 'possessed'. Elin started having seizures February 2012 was the start of a long, difficult jo...
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13 March 2015
Jarvis and nurse
Jarvis felt unwell and dizzy one Sunday while playing football. At first he was treated for an ear infection, but then an MRI scan revealed a brain tumour. His mum, Jackie, tells their story: Feeling unwell and dizzy "Jarvis was a healthy normal 11 year-old and we had just returned from a seven week holiday in Australia. It was Sunday and Jarvis was playing football for his team, Merriott Bombers, when he started to feel unwell and dizzy.

It was Sunday and Jarvis was playing football for his team...We took him to our GP on the Monday where he was diagnosed with having labyrinthitis - an inner ear infection. We knew people who had had this ...
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17 February 2015
Olivia with her beads of courage
Olivia was nine years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After many months of difficult treatment, Olivia sadly passed away.

Her mum, Andrea, tells her story: Symptoms and several diagnoses "Olivia’s symptoms began in early 2011 with headaches and vomiting about once a month. The doctor diagnosed this as migraines. Sometimes these were followed by a few days of a feeling of pressure in her head and being unsteady and tripping up, but always resolved within a few days. We took Olivia to the opticians and she was found to have normal vision in both eyes.

This carried on until July 2011. Now Olivia’s eyelids were puffy and her ...
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12 February 2015
Aidan was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January 2014. Aidan fought the cancer with great courage and spirit, but sadly passed away in August 2014.

His step-father, Lee, tells us his story: It began with seizures and vomiting “In September 22nd 2013 our seven year old son, Aidan, was rushed to hospital because of seizures and vomiting.

He was kept in for two weeks - the doctors had found a growth on Aidan's brain.

For nearly three months Aidan was back and forth to different hospitals for tests and scans to find out what the growth actually was. It wasn't until the 19th December 2013 that we received a call asking Aidan to come in f...
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11 February 2015
Raj having a scan
Raj was two and a half years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. His treatment so far has involved three operations, chemotherapy and proton beam therapy.
His mum, Suki, tells their story:

"Anybody who meets Raj would never know he had a brain tumour. He is just like any other five-year-old. He is full of energy and loves playing with his action figures.

At the moment, one thing does however give away the fact he has had a tough time. The scar from his surgery is very visible - he has lost his hair in a small section where he received proton beam therapy in November 2014. Raj rushed to A&E Our Journey began in June 2012 and it...
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30 January 2015
Dylan was diagnosed with brain and spinal tumours when he was two years old. His mum, Jessica, tells his story:

"Dylan's symptoms started in early April 2014 with a random vomit at nursery. We put it down to eating too much and playing too energetically with his friends. A few days later he threw up again. No warning, no other symptoms and he hadn’t over-indulged or been particularly energetic.

His baby brother was also unwell and had recently been hospitalised so the doctors chalked it down to a virus going around.

Over the next few weeks Dylan’s brother started to get better whereas Dylan got worse. He was off his food and even refused...
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29 January 2015
Millie in hospital
In 2012 13-year-old Millie was diagnosed with two malignant brain tumours and cancer of the spine.

Her dad, Andrew, tells her story so far:

"Millie is a bright and bubbly 15-year-old teenager. When Millie was 13, she complained continually of aches, pains and severe headaches. I paid for a private MRI scan Millie's G.P even claimed that it was just attention-seeking, and that as her parents we should be harder on her.Numerous visits to both her G.P and local hospital repeatedly returned a verdict of good health. Millie's G.P even claimed that it was just attention-seeking, and that as her parents we should be harder on her.

Eventually, ...
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Charlie's story

02 May 2014
Charlie with his mum Beverley
"My name is Beverley and my son Charlie had a brain tumour when he was five years old. He is now 14 years old and doing well - he is a real fighter and inspiration. You Tube Video
Charlie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and the tumour was removed on 5th of the 5th 2005 - a date I will always remember. Charlie’s symptoms He’d been ill for about 10 weeks and we’d been backwards and forwards to the doctor. He’d been vomiting and there was a bug going around school so we thought nothing of it. But he was still being sick a fortnight later and wasn’t eating properly. His was complaining that his h...
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