Government funding for leukaemia research

28 February 2011
In 2005 the government froze funding for research into the causes of childhood leukaemia. We took action to get this essential budget of £1 million reinstated.

The UK Government currently has only one research budget which includes money for research into the causes of childhood leukaemia - the Department of Health’s Radiation Research Programme. This essential programme was frozen in 2005, meaning that many new research projects could not get funding.

In 2006, CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA’s Chief Executive, spoke directly to officials at the Department of Health about this issue. One of our trustees also made representations to the Minister of State for Public Health and secured the first public statement on the subject.

In June 2006 we were delighted to hear that not only had the budget been reinstated but it had also been increased to £1.1 million meaning that essential new research into the causes of Britain’s biggest childhood cancer could once again be funded.


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