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This Christmas, please help children like Bella-Rose

Our lives have been snatched away from us again in a matter of seconds. Every single day since we were told she relapsed my heart has broken into a million pieces again and again.
Abbie, Bella-Rose’s mum.

Almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. That's ten every day.

Bella-Rose was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) at just three years old.

After over a year of treatment, Bella has suffered a relapse and her family are now faced with another uncertain Christmas.

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You could help fund the development of ground-breaking new treatments for children like Bella-Rose whose cancer has returned.

Treatments like those being pioneered by Professor Persis Amrolia, who is leading a new immunotherapy trial for children with relapsed ALL.

This work is offering a vital new treatment option to young patients and early indications, from the patients that have been treated so far, are promising.

Your support today really will help save lives of children who have run out of all other options.

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Jemma...could help develop less toxic treatments, so children are not put at long term risk.

“Jemma’s treatment is over now, but the fear never really goes away. The dosage of chemotherapy she had as a tiny baby means no one can know for sure what the long-term damage could be. Although children with cancer do get better, and Jemma is living testament to this, the long-term outcome of such toxic treatment is still not known and as a family we have to live with this.”

Michelle, Jemma’s mum

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Bella-Rose is 2016...could fund ground-breaking immunotherapy research to treat children who relapse.

“Research is urgently needed to save young people with relapsed leukaemia. For some, their aggressive cancer is resistant to the strongest chemotherapy and radiotherapy, so there is no hope of a cure. However, there is now a potential solution, known as Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapy. It works by increasing the ability of the patient’s immune system to recognise and kill leukaemic cells. CAR therapy is the most exciting development in leukaemia treatment for many decades. Please fund this crucial research and help save more children with relapsed cancer.”

Eddie O’Gorman, Founder and Chair of Trustees

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Luke...could help research into the rarer forms of childhood cancer.

“Luke was diagnosed with Stage 1 hepatoblastoma - a very rare tumour in his liver. Only one in every million children develops this disease and our son was one of them. Luke is now 9 and has been in remission for 8 years. He loves school and he is now a Men’s Artistic Squad gymnast at Basingstoke Gymnastics Club where he trains 17 hours a week! He loves life and we are so proud of our little miracle!”

Claire, Luke’s mum

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