Conferences and workshops

Children with Cancer conference participants

Through our regular conferences and workshops, we bring together stakeholders in childhood cancer treatment and research to exchange knowledge and ideas.

We aim to provide a forum for clinicians, scientists and other stakeholders to discuss and debate key themes, share knowledge and develop new collaborations.

Our recent workshop

Drug delivery in paediatric brain tumours

1st and 2nd February 2016 at the Royal College of Physicians, London
This workshop, chaired by Professor David Walker, was developed to highlight the priority of drug delivery research and clinical trials as part of initiatives to improve outcomes for children with brain tumours.

We wanted to identify areas of pre-clinical and clinical research that can be pursued now, with a view to early translation into clinical trials, to identify drug delivery strategies holding promise for future deployment and to identify optimal development pathways for their translation to clinical trials.

With colleagues joining us from the US, Canada and Europe to share their expertise and experience, we enjoyed two days of lively discussion. A report has been published by ecancer, along with interviews with some of our speakers:

Read more: Our Brain Tumour Workshop blog

Future conferences and workshops

Childhood Cancer 2016: A scientific and educational meeting showcasing state-of-the-art translational science in childhood cancer

5th to 7th September 2016 at Church House Conference Centre, London
In Childhood Cancer 2016, chaired by Dr Nick Goulden, we will examine how the current revolution in translational science is being harnessed to further improve survival and quality of survival for children suffering from cancer.

This will include real time use of molecular genetics, advances in functional imaging technologies and wider application of humoral and cellular immunotherapy studies.

We will also discuss the implications of findings from recent well-designed epidemiological and mechanistic studies and consider their impact on strategies for prevention

Visit the Childhood Cancer 2016 website

Previous conferences and workshops

Think Tank on: Magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia - candidate mechanistic pathways

London, 22nd and 23rd September 2014
An association between exposure to magnetic fields linked to the electricity supply above average levels of 0.3/0.4 microtesla and childhood leukaemia risk is widely acknowledged in official EMF Reports. However, the mechanism(s) by which magnetic fields may increase the risk of leukaemia are unclear.

This Think Tank brought together world experts on leading-edge aspects of the interaction of magnetic fields with biological systems to brainstorm candidate mechanisms.

Participants were provided with a unique opportunity to exchange the latest advances in understanding, across otherwise diverse specialist topics.

Download the full report: Magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia – candidate mechanistic pathways

Workshop on in utero exposure and cancer in children

2nd and 3rd June 2014 at the Royal College of Physicians, London
The initiating event(s) in at least some childhood cancers is believed to occur in utero. This two-day international workshop set out to examine aspects of in utero exposure to agents that may affect subsequent cancer risk in children, with an emphasis on mechanisms of transplacental transfer and early biological effects.

Speakers and delegates travelled from far and wide to take part in the workshop and contributed enthusiastically. We built in a generous amount of discussion time to enable a two-way flow of information.

Participants welcomed the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with those working in allied fields and we know that several new collaborations have already been born.

Download the full report of the event: In utero exposure and cancer in children

Childhood Cancer 2012: International scientific conference on Early Exposures and Childhood Cancer

In April 2012 over 150 participants from around the world joined us in London for Childhood Cancer 2012, our international scientific conference on the causes of childhood cancer.

The conference was opened by Professor Sir Alan Craft, former president of Royal College of Paediatrics and one of the UK’s leading experts on childhood medicine.

Over the three days that followed, delegates heard from more than 20 international experts speaking across a wide-range of topics relevant to the causes of childhood cancer including air pollution, parental smoking, pesticide exposure, genetics and diet.

Read more: Childhood Cancer 2012 – conference summary

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