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This January you can take part in our ‘Give it up’ fundraiser!  

Give up your bad habit or take up something new for a whole month - get sponsored and raise money for Children with Cancer UK.

Things you could give up...

Here are a few ideas of things you could give up this January:

  • Chocolate, sweets or cakes
  • Swearing
  • Eating takeaways
  • Sunday morning fry-ups
  • Smoking
  • Shopping sprees

Things you could take up...

Or if you don’t fancy giving anything up, you could take up something to get healthy and active in 2015.
Why not try one of these:

  • Cycling or walking to work
  • Using stairs instead of lifts
  • Taking up a sport
  • Cooking at home every day instead of eating out

All you have to do is to decide what you are giving up or taking up and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you and help keep you motivated throughout January.

You can also donate all the money that you would have spent on that item if you wanted to raise more money.

Download your 'Give it up' sponsorship form, A4 landscape

Download your 'Give it up' sponsorship form, A3 portrait

Want to share what you are giving up or taking up?

Call us on 020 7400 7587 or email

Good luck!

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