National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)

We are members of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI).

NCRI is a UK-wide partnership between the government, charity and industry. It promotes co-operation amongst its 22 member organisations for the benefit of patients, the public and the scientific community.

NCRI helps with joint planning and coordination among its members, focusing on areas where progress could not be achieved by a single member organisation on its own.

Specifically, the NCRI:

  • maintains a Cancer Research Database, and undertakes analyses of what research is being done - this informs decisions about new research;
  • develops research initiatives on specific topics, to which a group of members will contribute e.g. programmes in prostate cancer or in cancer prevention;
  • helps to coordinate clinical trials and experimental cancer medicine research within networks throughout the UK - this boosts clinical trials;
  • develops facilities and resources for research e.g. the collection of tumour samples or trying to make the management of research data more effective.

Children with Cancer UK is the only partner with a focus on childhood cancers and we therefore have a very specific role to play in the development and implementation of research strategies for childhood cancers.

Visit the NCRI partnership website

NCRI Cancer Conference

NCRI held its first national cancer conference, covering all aspects of cancer research, in 2005. It has since become an annual event.

The aim, by establishing a cancer conference in the UK of international quality, is to encourage the sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practice, and to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The 9th NCRI Cancer Conference is from 3–6 November 2013 in Liverpool.

Visit the NCRI Cancer Conference website

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