Private Site Fundraising


Person to Person logoWe are proud to be working with Person 2 Person and Fundraising Initiatives. They are currently delivering our private site fundraising campaigns on our behalf.

Our fundraising teams visit various private locations such as supermarkets and shopping centres, and talk to people about the life-saving work that Children with Cancer UK do.

Our fundraisers will ask people to set up a regular gift by Direct Debit or by Text, or to enter our new Weekly Lottery to support our work. They will never ask you for a cash donation or be able to accept a cash donation due to the security implications of carrying cash.

private sites fundraising Children with Cancer UK posters and fundraisersAll fundraisers working at private sites on our behalf can be clearly identified. They will be wearing Children with Cancer UK branded clothing and will carry a Person 2 Person ID badge which includes their unique fundraiser identification number and Children with Cancer UK presenter cards to help illustrate our work. They will be standing by a Children with Cancer UK plinth and accompanying branded banners.

Most fundraisers will carry an iPad (supplied by Person 2 Person and Fundraising Initiatives) which is also used to illustrate our work and sign up supporters in a secure manner to monthly giving by Direct Debit. They will also have Children with Cancer UK thank you cards and potentially other branded thank you materials.

Fundraising initiatives logoThis campaign approach provides an invaluable source of life-saving funding for our work. Your donation doesn’t have to be much - someone who supports us regularly will make a significant difference to our work over several years.

Our fundraising team at our Private sitesWe insist that all our Private Site fundraisers follow the strict code of conduct laid down by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association.

In the unlikely event that one of our fundraisers does not conduct themselves professionally, please contact our Supporter Care Team to make a complaint following our complaints procedure.

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