Who you are helping

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Entering our Mr. Men and Little Miss Challenges are a fun way to raise life-saving funds for Children with Cancer UK. 

We'd like to tell you a little bit about how you are helping to save young lives.

Funding research

We fund life saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood cancer.

Despite incredible progress in treating childhood cancers, we still know surprisingly little about their causes. We are committed to finding out more.

We are also working towards the development of treatments that will offer hope to every child diagnosed with cancer. Each donation will help to fund essential research and save more young lives.

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Improving facilities

Your support also helps us to work with Great Ormond Street Hospital. One in every 10 children with cancer in the UK will be treated at there.

Together, we can provide special accommodation at the Paul O’Gorman Patient Hotel for families coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We've also helped to build bigger and better oncology and haematology facilities.

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Saving young lives

By taking part in our Mr. Men and Little Miss Challenges you can help children today and in the future - and save every young life that might otherwise be lost forever.

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Where your money goes

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