Working with local government

Children with Cancer UK campaign about possible causes of cancer
We campaign with local government to improve the design of our communities and ensure that public health issues are given full consideration in all planning applications, to help children with or at risk of cancer.

Working with Swindon Borough Council

We met with Council Leader, Cllr Rod Bluh, and the MP for Swindon North, Justin Tomlinson MP in 2010.

We wanted to discuss our concerns about the link between high voltage power lines and the increased risk of developing leukaemia - and how this can be incorporated into local planning decisions.

We visited sites where pylons have been located near to homes in the local area.

Council leader, Rod Bluh said of the campaign:

“I very much support the campaign, even if the health risk hasn’t been proven because this is something that is reasonable cause for concern. If that cause for concern is there, we should do what we can to prevent it becoming an issue.

If that cause for concern is there, we should do what we can to prevent it becoming an issue.I have raised the matter with our planning department and although there doesn’t seem to be an issue of overhead power lines with any current developments, we will take the issue into account when it comes to future developments.”

North Swindon MP, Justin Tomlinson said:

‘Swindon is already leading the way with innovative housing such as Kevin McCloud’s development at Gorse Hill, in Swindon and we all know that plans like this are much better implemented at the start of something than with retrospect so I think this is something the council has taken great interest in.

Moving power lines underground is bound to be something many developers say cannot be done. If we take on board whatChildren with Cancer UK have to say then I think we can show the country that yes it can be done because we have done it.”

The mid-Wales connection

National Grid has launched plans to route a 400,000-volt cable through the flood-prone Powys countryside to connect 10 planned wind farms to the National Grid.

Understandably local campaign groups and residents have been concerned by the plans and the potential risk to public health.

Along with our campaign partners Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), we have helped to provide informative material to the campaigners and have been briefing local MPs and Councillors about our concerns.

MP for Montgomeryshire, Glyn Davies has said ‘National Grid maintains that there is no proof that pylons can cause any health problems, which is the most worrying aspect of the plan for many protesters. But there have been studies that suggest that they do contribute to child leukaemia and other forms of cancers’.

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