We are the leading nation children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. Find out about our team and our life-saving work.

Our trustees ensure that we always have a clear strategy and set of goals in place ensuring that we're working towards a united and shared goal of fighting childhood cancer.

Our scientific advisory panel offers comprehensive scientific guidance that is vital in the fight against childhood cancer. You can find out more about our panel here.

Meet our Scientific Leadership

Nick Goulden

Medical Research Director

Nick has a long link with the charity from his time on our Scientific Advisory Panel; he took up the role of Medical Research Director in 2016 on retiring from Great Ormond Street Hospital. He is working with the Scientific Advisory Panel and the staff team to maximise the positive impact of our research funding.

Denis Henshaw

Scientific Director

Denis Henshaw, formerly Professor of Human Radiation Effects at Bristol University, has wide experience in environmental factors affecting childhood cancer risk. Denis works with the charity’s Scientific Advisory Panel to award funding for high-quality research into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood cancer.

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