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Children’s Fundraising

We have an exciting fundraising challenge designed specifically for children. The challenge is ideal for school classes, Brownies, Cubs, youth groups and more!

Mr. Men Little Miss Marathon Challenge

The Mr. Men Little Miss Marathon challenge is a brilliant way for your school or group to raise vital funds for Children with Cancer UK, and have lots of fun doing so!

You choose an activity based on the number 26, the number of miles in a marathon, and children are sponsored to participate…

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Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

In September 2013, we donated £500,000 to help children and their families at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, ...

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Understanding the genetics of paediatric glioblastoma

International collaboration is often the best way to approach difficult research problems, and this is how we’re searching ...

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Developing models to test new drug treatments for childhood leukaemia

New approaches to the treatment of childhood leukaemia are being developed all the time, and with this project, ...

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