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Homes from Home

Your gift could help a child to stay with their family during cancer treatment.

Hospitals can be scary places for a child with cancer to be alone.

For many, it’s their first time being separated from their parents. Without a loving hand to hold and a familiar voice to reassure, painful and invasive treatments can be difficult to understand.

Your gift could help a child to stay with their family during cancer treatment.

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Homes from Home provide comfortable accommodation near hospitals.  Our partnership with CLIC Sargent means hundreds of children can be with their families during their cancer treatment. A child’s cancer treatment can last for several months.

We also provide financial assistance to give families some peace of mind while they are struggling to cope with the emotional stress of their child’s cancer treatment.

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When one-year-old Caoilfhionn began sweating strangely, her worried parents took her straight to their doctor. Mum Karen tells her family’s story…

“She had x-rays and an ultrasound and they told us that they had found a neuroblastoma [a type of tumour], behind her kidney. The initial shock was unbelievable.

During the first weeks of treatment we basically lived in the hospital, which was 75 miles from our home. We hadn’t thought about the financial impact, but we certainly noticed it when it hit us. Every journey was costing us about £20 and that is before you’re worrying about feeding yourself.

Following surgery it was then a horrible wait for the tumour report to come back. We ended up finding out a couple of days before Christmas that she would not need chemotherapy and that the tumour had stayed in one piece. It was just a case of follow-up treatment, but no more major treatment. It was a great Christmas present.

When we were offered accommodation in the Home, the difference it made to us was just unbelievable. Suddenly you can take a moment to rest. The exhaustion can be overwhelming and this helped so much.”

Your gift today could help to provide even more vital care for children with cancer and their families. Thank you.

Please make a donation today

Cancer doesn't care about children, but we do

Home from Home

Paul's House, London

Paul's House is just a few minutes walk from UCLH and offers the whole family a place to stay. Children having day-care procedures can stay with a parent at Paul’s House rather than being admitted to the ward.

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We work with CLIC Sargent to help provide better care for children and young people with cancer and their families. Since 2007, we have donated nearly £2 million to help provide support for children with cancer and their families.

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Marion’s House in Glasgow

Many families who stay in Marion's House live in remote rural locations across Scotland. Marion’s House is vital, providing free, comfortable accommodation for children and families to stay during cancer treatment.

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