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Kaye Wragg, popular actress and star of Holby City, makes an appeal on our behalf on BBC Radio 4.

In 2018 we are celebrating 30 years of saving young lives. Working with Radio 4, we hope our Appeal will raise even more vital funds to improve a child’s survival rate. Our Appeal was aired twice on Sunday 14 January: at 07:55 and 21:26. It was repeated on Thursday 18 January at 15:27.

Kaye’s daughter Matilda was just five years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. That changed their lives completely.

Listen as Kaye tells their story.

Listen now: Kaye’s daughter Matilda was diagnosed with a brain tumour five years ago – please listen to their story.


Kaye and Matilda's story

Matilda was just five years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Matilda’s life and her family’s life changed completely as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately, the tumour was successfully removed through surgery and now, five years later, Matilda is a junior national gymnastics champion.

Please donate to Kaye’s Radio 4 appeal


Matilda called her brain tumour Bob the Blob and it was the size of a plum. Childhood cancers are different to the cancers that occur in adults, that’s why we fund research to give children like Matilda a future. The aggressive treatments used to save young lives can have a serious impact on the long-term health of those who survive. We fund work to help develop therapies with less toxic side-effects.

Precision Medicine

Children with Cancer UK are making Precision Medicine a reality for young cancer patients in the UK. Precision therapies target specific changes in individual patients’ tumour DNA, allowing for more effective treatments while reducing toxic side effects. Please help us to fund Precision Medicine.

Please donate to Kaye’s Radio 4 appeal      Read Matilda’s story  

  Listen to Kaye’s Radio 4 appeal

Cancer doesn't care about children, but we do