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Help bring joy to family who really need it!

Your support can help children being treated for cancer get the time to simply have fun and focus on being a child…

A child’s cancer journey is an emotional time for the entire family. At Children with Cancer UK, we do our best to make their journey easier, and just as importantly, we work to ensure that these children get the time to simply have fun and focus on being a child.

Christina, whose daughter Erin was diagnosed with cancer at just 15 months old, speaks about the way your support and Children with Cancer UK have helped her family.

“I have never felt more alone and scared than the day I was told my little girl had leukaemia. The following two years of treatment were very difficult for us. During such a tough time, making sure our whole family were able to be together as much as possible made a huge difference.

That’s why the fantastic days out organised every year by Children with Cancer UK were so important to us. We were able to attend a number of these magical events as a family and, despite everything that was going on, they always cheered us up and helped us through’


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Your support can help deliver amazing technology to give terminally ill children in hospices opportunities they would not otherwise have…

With the help of our supporters, Children with Cancer UK funds ground breaking projects to give children in hospices the opportunity to do so many things that they never thought possible, such as paint a picture, create music, play a game or even communicate with their family.

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Your support can help provide vital financial assistance to help families cope with childhood cancer…

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing their family should have to worry about is their finances, but this is the reality for many, due to additional childcare costs and loss of earnings. Paul’s Fund provides families with money to cover these essential living expenses, enabling them to put all their focus into being with their child throughout their cancer journey.

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Your support can help provide a family with accommodation during their child’s cancer treatment…

Many children with cancer have to be treated many miles away from home, for weeks at a time. This often means long and tiring journeys to the hospital and back every day, if their family is to be by their side during what can be a painful and upsetting time. We help fund free, comfortable accommodation near hospitals so children can be with their families when they need them most.


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Cancer doesn't care about children, but we do