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I’m Terri – mum to two brilliantly bonkers children, actor, director, business owner, wannabe personal trainer, writer, running enthusiast and fundraiser. Long list, right? However I’ve left a huge defining thing till last, that gave me the strength, will and drive to pursue all the others. I’m a mother to a child with special needs who happened to have cancer.

Blogs written by Terri

  • Patient Name: Taylin
  • Cancer Type: Wilms' Tumour
  • Age when diagnosed: 20 months

I’m still running
Well, hello there… I have long declared myself ‘missing in action’. Life has been hurtling by at tremendous speed and I’ve found myself spread thin, wondering what deal I could possibly do to gain more hours in the day. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to ...

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Here’s the girl we need in times of financial crisis
I was asked if I could write a blog post full of financial tips for those who are taking those first terrifying steps of the cancer journey. They clearly looked at my two overdrafts, recent spout of homelessness and my woefully ...

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