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About this blog

Mrs Brown’s Blogs is an honest and frank account of life, family and education. Her blogs provided an emotional outlet for her to tell the world exactly how heartbreaking but also inspiring it is to watch your child go through treatment for cancer.

Blogs written by Kerry

  • Patient Name: Felix
  • Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
  • Age when diagnosed: 10

I wanted to feel something
Today I went for run in the rain. I’m not really a runner and usually steer well clear of rain but today I made a conscious decision to throw myself into the elements. Why? I wanted to feel something.
As Felix nears the end of ...

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Invites bring opportunities for laughter, fun and growth
As a family, we have always had a ‘yes’ policy. If we get an invite, we say ‘yes’ unless there is a reason why we can’t. Invites bring opportunities for laughter, fun and growth – we always, when we can, say yes.
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A big milestone
When you face hard and tough times, milestones can be a saving grace. At the beginning of treatment, we marked the end of each phase of treatment with a celebratory nod. One thousand days of treatment is certainly something to mark in my book!
We knew from ...

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A note for teachers
I know how lucky we are that Felix is starting secondary school today. Childhood Cancer is rare but for whatever reason, Felix is one in 300 children to be diagnosed. If there is a silver lining, yes there is always a silver lining, Felix happened upon ...

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I was so pleased to hear those words at our recent oncology review.
I try not to say or think about relapse. Instead, I bury it in my subconscious with a lot of fear, uncertainty and anger. Freud would have a field day in my subconscious at the moment – ...

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What you do and say makes this thing a whole lot better for me.

Keep in regular contact and adopt a ‘no fuss approach’. Thank you.
Talk to me about my child’s cancer. I need to talk about it. It’s a huge part of our life now. Thank ...

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