Gerald Cole cycles CAPITAL to CAPITAL

01 August 2012
Gerald cycled to Paris to raise money for Children with Cancer UK
Gerald Cole, 61, has taken part in many of our cycling events, raising nearly £7,000 for Children with Cancer UK, including our Capital to Capital (London to Paris) in 2011.

Here's his story:

"I raised approximately £2,750 in 2011 as part of the first Capital to Capital, London to Paris bike ride - in total, I've raised about £6,900.
The London to Paris ride was my 4th for Children with Cancer UK and the second time I'd done it. The first was in 2009. In 2010, it was Nightrider around London and then Paris to Geneva.
I chose to do Capital to Capital 2011 because it was organised wholly for Children with Cancer UK. I hope it's a new destination each year!

The reason I do it

I sadly lost my wife to a blood cancer in late 2007.After hearing about what children with cancer go through so early in life, I am delighted that my small efforts are making a difference.

My kids have done their bit by supporting the main cancer charities with runs, sky dives and abseils. It was my turn and as my wife loved kids, I chose to support Children with Cancer UK.

After listening to Yvonne (Events Coordinator at Children with Cancer UK) about her experiences and hearing about what children with cancer go through so early in life, I am delighted that my small efforts are making a difference.
I am unable to do the impact events because I have relatively new hips. Too much sport I suppose in early life! 

Anyway cycling is ideal. It gives me a sense of achievement with a purpose, apart from it being enjoyable and hopefully keeping healthy.

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The cherry on the cake

I'm not a serious cyclist so these events do not come easy. It wouldn't be so much fun or an achievement for me if it were.

Unless someone is super fit, progressive and sufficient training is the key. The training is the real hard work. You could say the event is the reward or the cherry on the cake.

Actually the real hard work for me is getting the sponsorship. It isn't really my thing but I don't think I've lost any friends yet!

Lasting memories 

As I have done one or two of these rides, the impact of arriving in Paris was probably not the same as for a first timer.

My lasting memories of 2011 were the arrival of Yvonne on the finish line, her outward emotions, and the presentations by a couple of parents whose children had been affected by cancer. 

I see myself lucky to be able to do these things at 61.  I have never been treated any differently to the younger or more experienced cyclists. Everyone is so supportive to everyone else.

It genuinely is a team event for a common cause."

Gerald also took part in Capital to Capital 2013 - Cycle London to Amsterdam.

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