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We'll be sharing news about our work, stories from families affected by childhood cancer and from some of the researchers whose work we fund. We'll also be welcoming guest bloggers who will share their opinions and insight into childhood cancer.

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Patient stories: finding out that your child has cancer can be the start of an uncertain and difficult time for families. To try and help, a number of families have kindly shared their very personal experiences with us.

Your fundraising stories: our fundraisers are remarkable people - here are some inspiring stories from our dedicated team.

Our corporate news: some of our latest news on what our corporate and commercial partners have been doing for us.

Talking about cancer

21 February 2017
I have lost six relatives to cancer. Both sides of my family have suffered very cruelly and I now volunteer and blog to raise awareness and make a small difference in the fight against this terrible disease. My name is Penny-Sophia Christofi and I am a 27-year-old London-born Cypriot. Like most Cypriot families, mine is large and filled with love. I divide my time between the UK and Cyprus doing what I can to raise awareness. Six relatives lost to cancer The first was my Dada (uncle) Sotiris, my dad's brother, who died when he was 31 years old of colon cancer. He was my dad's best friend and brother. I was two years old at the time and my ... Read More

26.2 things I now know about a marathon

17 January 2017
Katie with her London Marathon medal
London Marathon 2017 – I’m coming for you! We have unfinished business…. My name is Katie Tucker, and as some people will already know, I previously ran London in 2014 for Children with Cancer UK. For those that don’t, I finished the course in a time of 3 hours and 54 minutes (plus 20 seconds). I was overjoyed at this result as it was my first one and below my target of 4 hours. I’ve shared my experience of the day in another blog post (found here): London Marathon Blog What I know now I had planned to run again in 2015 but unfortunately picked up a stress fracture in my tibia only 4 weeks out from the race. My dreams were shattered, but ... Read More

Why do children’s cancers need their own research?

08 January 2017
Professor David Walker
Professor David Walker is a paediatric oncologist and works at the University of Nottingham and in Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital in Nottingham. He is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board and explains ‘Why children’s cancers need their own research’. Is cancer different in children to cancer in old people? Cancer is many, many thousands of diseases, not just one. The tissues in children, for example their bones, lungs, kidneys etc. are all growing and multiplying. Sometimes a mutation occurs in a child’s genes that means those cells multiply in a cancerous way rather than a normal way. Children’s cancers are a product of their growth ... Read More

Sports Events diary 2017

06 January 2017
Join our team

In 2017 why not join our Mr. Men Little Miss Team? There are lots of different Sports Events to choose from.

Our Sports Events Diary will help you to find the run, walk, cycle or trek that's best for you. Highlights of our year Virgin Money London Marathon
One of the most exciting highlights of the running year
with over 1,000 Children with Cancer UK runners. Great North Run
We have charity places in the Great North Run 2017. RideLondon - Surrey 100
We have charity places in the 2017 RideLondon-Surrey 100.
This is your chance to cycle this modified version of the London 2012 Olympic Road Race route. Rat Race Dirty Weekend
The world’s l...
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The highlights of 2016

06 December 2016
Cliff OGorman
Our CEO, Cliff O’Gorman, takes this chance to thank you for your support in 2016 and to share some of our highlights. I’m happy to tell you that 2016 has been another successful year for the charity. With your help, we’ve been able to award almost £1.8 million to fund important and innovative new research, with awards for another £2 - £3 million in the pipeline. Throughout 2016, as well as funding research, we’ve funded welfare programmes to give much-needed support to children with cancer and their families. And we’ve continued our work to raise awareness of childhood cancer, drawing attention to the need to save more young lives and impro... Read More

Survey into research priorities for cancers in teenagers and young adults

10 November 2016
Amy and her family receive the news that she has cancer
Patients, families, friends, carers and professionals are invited to take part and submit questions that they think are important about Teenage and Young Adult cancers. The survey is now closed. If you would like further information about this project please see the survey webpages.  New survey to identify key research priorities for cancer in teenagers and young adults

Have you or someone you know been affected by cancer as teenager or young adult?

Do you work with teenagers and young adults who have cancer?

If so, you are invited to take part in a short online survey. Why do we need your help? The direction of research about Teenag...
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Precision medicine for childhood cancer

27 September 2016
Childhood Cancer 2016 word cloud graphic
Our recent conference, Childhood Cancer 2016, provided a forum for scientists and clinicians to discuss advances in the treatment of childhood cancer. But we may now have reached the limits of what existing treatments can achieve. New and innovative treatments are desperately needed to save the thousands of children worldwide who cannot be cured with existing therapies.Four out of five children diagnosed with cancer can now be cured. This survival rate is double what it was 50 years ago so there is much to celebrate. But increases in survival rates have slowed overall, and particularly in aggressive tumours where conventional treatment has a... Read More

We need to talk about childhood cancer

01 September 2016
Javeer was diagnosed with cancer in March 2014
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it is timely that Childhood Cancer 2016 takes place 5th - 7th September. This conference is an important opportunity for us to talk about childhood cancer. A very different flavour to our previous conferences Childhood Cancer 2016 has a very different flavour to our previous conferences, which have focused on the aetiology of childhood cancer. This year we are looking at how new developments in translational science are being harnessed to improve survival and quality of survival for children with cancer. We will start the conference by considering, on day one, the potential of precision med... Read More

Fertility preservation for cancer patients

14 July 2016
EFP fertility drawing
With your support we're funding the first UK centre to establish a fertility preservation programme to store testicular tissue from young cancer patients, prior to their treatment. The team's work, at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh, has attracted media attention this week. A 33-year-old cancer survivor has become the first woman in Britain to give birth following re-implantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue. BBC news: Edinburgh baby born from frozen ovary in UK first Edinburgh Fertility Preservation programme The programme of work in males, combined with Edinburgh’s well-established programme for ... Read More

Coral fundraisers visit researchers at UCL Institute of Child Health

05 July 2016
Dr Patrick Hale presenting slides
We visited some of our grant-holders at the UCL Institute of Child Health last week, taking guests from corporate supporters Coral to find out about the research their funds are supporting. Coral’s incredible support Coral adopted us as their charity partner in 2014, pledging to raise £500,000 by the end of 2015. We’re delighted that the partnership is still ongoing.

In a ‘big reveal’ at the start of the day, our Corporate Partnerships Manager, Jayne Falconer, announced that the total raised to date is a staggering £1.93 million. This is the most successful charity partnership for both Children with Cancer UK and Coral - and with funds st...
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