Every month, you can help to give a child with cancer a magical day out

Instead of a visit to a hospital, or a day of gruelling treatment, you’ll help a child visit the seaside, a theme park or see a show. So often, children with cancer miss out on these precious childhood experiences. But thanks to you, they can have respite from tough treatments, scans and medications; a day the whole family can make happy, magical memories.  

You can make a magical difference to children affected by cancer

Whether you give £5, £12, £25 or even £40 a month, you will help to give a child a magical day out enjoying rides on rollercoasters, making sandcastles on the beach, or seeing a circus show. A day when – thanks to you – they don’t have to go to hospital or be brave. A precious day with their family which all about just having fun!

Give your magical gift today

For over 30 years, Children with Cancer UK has been supporting families affected by childhood cancer with magical days out and life-saving research. Will you give a gift to keep more families together? Donate today

Your gift can also help to support life-saving research

Cancer treatments are harsh and toxic, especially for children. Some can leave a child with long-term health problems. Your monthly gift could also help support vital research into new treatment which are gentler and more effective for children. Treatments which are tailored to the individual child and which better target their type of cancer. Thanks to you, a child with cancer will be able look forward to magical days together with their family, for years to come. Your monthly gift could help fund pioneering research into childhood cancer, helping more children survive to adulthood.

"You can give such happiness to families like ours"

“To look at Phoebe today – a happy, bubbly ten-year-old, full of life – you would never know how ill she’d been. Shortly before Phoebe’s second birthday, she was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour, a type of kidney cancer. What followed was an awful whirlwind of scans, biopsies, chemotherapy, surgery, constant cannulas and medicines. Thanks to kind people like you, Children with Cancer UK has given Phoebe and our family some magical days out to make memories and simply enjoy being away from hospital. Zippo’s circus, Disney on Ice, a Warner Bros. studio tour and even a concert at Wembley. But most of all, I’m so grateful that Children with Cancer UK also fund research that saves lives. So Phoebe and all of us can look ahead to having magical days as a family in the future. Please support children with cancer; children like Phoebe. Thank you so much.” Donate today

Look at what you can do

when you give your magical gift every month:

you could give a child with cancer a small surprise gift at one of our magical day out.

you could help pay a child's entry fee for a theme park, so they can have fun with their family away from hospital wards

you could help to support one of our vital childhood cancer research projects, so that we can develop kinder, more effective treatments.

you could pay for a family affected by childhood cancer to enjoy free rides and lunch on a day out at the Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare.

Become a Magic Maker today to give more magical days to a child with cancer

  “I have a scar when they took out my kidney and I remember being in hospital a lot. I am always excited to go to a Children with Cancer UK event because I get to do fun things with my family.” Phoebe, diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour just before her second birthday.      

Please, give a magical gift today

Every day, more than 12 children and young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Only around 2% of cancer research funding in the UK* is spent on research that is fully dedicated to childhood and young adult cancer. Your monthly gift will help to change this. Make more magical days possible for children with cancer. Donate today
*estimated amount based on data from the NCRI Cancer Research Database (CaRD) for 2018/19

Our promise to you

When you give a monthly gift to Children with Cancer UK, we make a promise to you:
 To let you know how your gift is being used. 
 Never to share your details
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