Raising awareness

Kalem and his mum and dad
By raising awareness of childhood cancer, we can protect more children and improve the lives of young cancer patients – today and for future generations.

Informing the public
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Conference delegates

ConferencesWe organise and support scientific conferences about childhood cancers, causes and treatment.
Linda Robson with childhood cancer survivor Louisa

Our appealsOur appeals inform the public about childhood cancer and raise money to fund our essential work.
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Kalem Hill

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Find out how you helped us to raise awareness.

Informing policy makers
We work with national and local policy makers

CampaigningWe campaign to raise awareness of childhood cancers and protect children from the possible causes of cancer.
We work with MPs and Peers to raise awareness of childhood cancer

With policy makersWe raise awareness at a local and national level to ensure that childhood cancers are strongly considered in policy development.

Where your money goes

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