About Children with Cancer UK

We are one of the leading childhood cancer charities in the UK, supporting families and childhood cancer research since 1988. Over the last 35 years, we’ve developed kinder treatments, improved public and scientific understanding of childhood cancer and raised over £300 million.

Until every family hears good news

Until every family hears good news

Around 4,200 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK*. That’s around 10 children and young people diagnosed with cancer every day. Each year, we invest millions into specialist research projects that are investigating a broad range of childhood cancers, helping us to better understand these diseases and to find more effective, less toxic ways of treating them.

We fund projects that we believe will have the most impact in the field and the results speak for themselves.

The discoveries made through our research are being used by the NHS and healthcare providers around the globe, helping thousands of children with cancer.

*Office of National Statistics (ONS) Childhood cancer survival in England: children diagnosed from 1990 to 2014 and followed up to 2015 and Cancer survival in England: adult, stage at diagnosis and childhood – patients followed up to 2018

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What we do

Every child should have their whole life ahead of them, but cancer is still one of the biggest causes of death in young people under the age of 15.

Finding new ways to identify cancer in children and young people, and better, kinder ways to treat them means more will survive without the life-inhibiting side effects that can often come with remission.

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We fund research

We’ve funded over 300 research projects leading to the development of better, kinder treatments and significantly contributing to survival rates which we’ve seen improve from 67% to 85.2%*

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We support families

From ‘amazing days out’ to funding accommodation close to hospitals, we work with partners to ensure families have the emotional and financial support they need, allowing them to focus on what matters most – their child.

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We raise awareness

We shine a spotlight on childhood cancer to improve outcomes for thousands of children and young people across the UK. Thanks to our network of experts, we can educate families, the public and the scientific community.

Who we are

We have lots of information to help you learn more about childhood cancer. From specific cancer types, to treatments and causes, you can find support below.

Who we are

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Our latest news. Find out what’s new in research and treatments. See what you’ve been doing to lend your support. Be the first to see how your support is making a difference.

Our research

Our investment in research is advancing our understanding of childhood cancer. In 2023, we invested £4,080,911.74 into life saving research, funding 11 new research grants.

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