Our investment in research is advancing our understanding of childhood cancer.

We are developing our knowledge about why children develop cancer and we are gaining new insights into the genetic and environmental causes of cancer to see if prevention is possible. We hope to improve the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of children with cancer.

In 2019, we invested £3.3 million into vital life-saving research, funded 32 new research awards, two scientific conferences and £250,000 for one clinical PhD studentship.


Research we fund

Research is integral to driving forward our vision of a world where every child survives cancer. Find out about the research projects we are funding to improve the outcomes of young cancer patients.


Our research explained

We know that scientific research can be hard to understand. To help you learn about the research we fund we have created videos explaining how our research could help.

scientific panel

For researchers

Discover what research Children with Cancer UK will support, including details of our research strategy, grant calls and application process.

Scientific Advisory Panel

The members of our Scientific Advisory Panel freely give their time and expertise to drive forward research through rigorous review of grant applications.

Our Scientific Advisory Panel

Research FAQs

Do you want to learn more about our research strategy, our grants, how do we decide which research to fund, or our principals about working with animals or stem cells when researching? We have compiled a selection of the most frequently asked question for you to understand a bit better the way we approach our research.

Frequently Asked Research Questions