Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children's charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

Our vision is a world where every child survives cancer.
Our mission is to improve survival rates across all types of childhood cancer and support children and their families to live better with and after treatment.

In 2019, we raised £17.3 million to fund specialist childhood cancer research and to support families affected by childhood cancer.


We fund research

We fund research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers. We have accelerated breakthroughs to improve childhood cancer survival rates and find more effective treatments with fewer toxic side effects. Since 1988, Children with Cancer UK has raised over £250 million to support research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers.


We support families

We help families deal with the burden of a cancer diagnosis by working with other organisations to fund free accommodation close to hospitals and financial grant programmes to support families during their cancer journey. We also organise special days out, giving families a welcome respite from hospitals and treatment.


We raise awareness

We bring childhood cancer to the forefront by sharing children and their families’ experiences in the hope this will reduce delays in diagnosis, raise awareness of life-limiting side effects of current treatments and encourage greater funding of childhood cancer research.

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