For the last 35 years, we’ve been working tirelessly to fund vital research, support families and raise awareness.

  • 1986

    For us, it's personal

    It started with one diagnosis. Followed by another. In December 1986, Paul O’Gorman was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 14, and his sister Jean O’Gorman was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Spring of 1987. Both tragically lost their lives within months of each other. On 6 February 1987, 14 year old Paul passed away, the O’Gorman family made him a promise to help other children and young people facing the same situation, and Children with Cancer UK was born.
    Paul and Jean O'Gorman
  • 1988

    It's thanks to Princess Diana that the charity was born

    Children with Cancer UK originally began as Children with Leukaemia. In 1987, days after Jean’s death on 2 November 1987, Marion and Eddie met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by the family’s double tragedy she became personally involved with the charity, and officially inaugurated it on 12 January 1988 at Mill Hill Secondary School. We were greatly enriched by her support and friendship, and shall always remember her with fondness and infinite gratitude.
    Princess Diana walking wearing a red coat with Marion and Eddie OGorman
  • 1995

    Paul O'Gorman research centre

    When the charity began, our first goal was to raise £100,000 for research and support. Within four years over £1 million had been raised, and by 1995 we had raised the £2 million needed to open our first research centre. The first Paul O’Gorman Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital made more clinical and laboratory-based research possible, resulting in kinder, more effective treatments for children with leukaemia.  
    People in front of Paul O'Gorman Research Centre
  • 2000

    Minimal Residual Disease testing adopted by NHS

    In the early 2000s, we co-funded elements of a major, ground-breaking clinical trial which led to one of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of childhood leukaemia. The Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test, which measures how much leukaemia remains after treatment and how likely it is that a child will relapse, is now used by the NHS and in hospitals worldwide.
    Cells on a plate science research
  • Present

    Until every child survives

    To date, Children with Cancer UK has: – raised over £300 million funded over 300 research projects – invested almost £10 million in family homes near hospitals – hosted ‘amazing days out’ for 75,000+ patients and their families. But there is still much more to do. We will not stop until we have achieved our vision.
    Sienna min
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