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Real Stories is a brand-new video series that interviews different people affected by childhood cancer. Each month, we unravel the powerful narratives of extraordinary individuals who have faced the unimaginable.

Real Stories amplifies the voices of not just those diagnosed with childhood cancer, but also the family members that surround them. We are proud to introduce you to 12 incredible people as they share their own story and the highs and lows of their recent years.

Treatment: Residing at hospital

Introducing Lucy, a brave mother residing in Birmingham Hospital with her son Zayyan.

Zayyan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2023. In her candid account, Lucy opens up about the challenges of living in this confined space and discusses the realities faced by families like hers, where the hospital becomes a second home and holds shared experiences with other parents facing a cancer diagnosis. 

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London Marathon: cancer survivor turned marathon runner

Diagnosed with cancer in 2017, Charlie decided to tackle the London Marathon in 2018, despite facing his own health battles.

Since then, he’s run every marathon except one, raising over £10,000 for Children with Cancer UK along the way. He shares the emotional highs and lows, and his commitment to helping others whilst supporting Children with Cancer UK.

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Teenagers and young adults: Cancer diagnosis impact

Leah was an active, energetic and sporty 13-year-old whose life changed when she was diagnosed with stage 1 spinal ependymoma.

Leah opens up about what life is like after a cancer diagnosis, the impact her diagnosis has had on her daily life, her mobility and the chronic pain she experiences.

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A siblings story: Love that binds a family together

In this heartfelt video, we introduce you to Isabel, the incredible older sister of Thomas.

Thomas was diagnosed with a malignant rhabdoid tumour in October 2020, when Isabel was just 7 years old. As a remarkable older sister, Isabel shares valuable advice for other siblings going through similar experiences.

Let’s spread awareness and support for those facing the challenges of childhood cancer.

Amplifying voices: Dax's story shared by his mum Devon

In this video, we introduce you to Devon, a brave mother who shares her journey of loss after her son Dax was diagnosed with cerebellopontine parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma on 18 May 2020. Tragically, Dax did not survive his diagnosis and passed away on 31 August 2020.

We, and all of the other families, need you to listen to these kids’ stories because they deserve it and they need your help. 

– Devon, our Real Story for January 2024.

Read Dax’s Story

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