Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we asked Dr Beth's daughter, Romy, to explain some of her mum's research on leukaemia that we are funding.

Please share this with colleagues and friends to help raise awareness of childhood cancer.

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View more of our videos and podcasts in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness monthEvery day at least 10 children and young people get the news they have cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month allows us to highlight the impact of cancer on children, young people and their families.

Throughout September we showed you how the life-saving work that you help us to fund helps young cancer patients and their families.

On this page you can see what we - and you - did to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Charlotte with mum PamA Parent's perspective

Pam's podcast

Charlotte's mum Pam talks about the the impact of childhood cancer from a mum's perspective.

Click below to listen to Pam's podcast:

Professor David WalkerA childhood cancer expert's perspective

"Childhood cancer is not that rare. It’s actually quite common. It’s as common as diabetes, cerebral palsy and meningitis, so it’s not a rare disease. There are many different types of cancer so each one of them is quite rare, but overall it is quite common. That's one of the reasons Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is important."
Professor David Walker

Click below to listen to David Walker's podcast:

Professor David Walker is one of the UK’s leading experts in childhood cancer and is a member of our Scientific Advisory Panel.

Five ways you can help when a friend’s child is diagnosed with cancer

Yasmin and IsaacAdvice from Karen, mum to Yasmin, who was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"Finding out your child has cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. Friends and family members wish to help but sometimes just don’t know what they could possibly do to make things better"

Yasmin was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of two, shortly after the birth of her little brother Isaac. Yasmin’s mum, Karen, wrote this blog post for us to share during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: 

Read Karen's advice:

What we - and you - did to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Amy's TV appeal

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month donate bannerEvery day more than 10 children and young people like Amy get the news that they have cancer.

Every day we give children like Amy, and her family, hope and support for the future.

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we launched a new national campaign to raise awareness and vital funding for our life-saving research.

The appeal was aired on TV. It is the story of a teenage girl who has been diagnosed with cancer. Part 1 aired in September followed by parts 2, 3 and 4 airing during the rest of 2016.

Raising awareness - raising funds

Five happy runners from our Children with Cancer running teamThroughout September hundreds of our amazing supporters raised funds for us by taking part in challenge events.

Runners and trekkers from the Three Peaks Challenge, the Ben Nevis Trek and the Berlin Marathon wore their gold ribbons with pride. Thanks teams!

Five of Britain’s top chefs join forces to fight childhood cancer

One Aldwych Childhood Cancer Awareness Month dishOne Aldwych hotel’s Executive Chef, Dominic Teague, brought together four Michelin starred chefs in aid of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

All proceeds from the dinner, which cost £150 per head, came directly to us to help fight childhood cancer. One Aldwych has been supporting us since 2012 and has raised over £60,000 to date.

Chef Dominic called upon some of his most talented culinary colleagues to each create a course at the dinner.

Read more: One Aldwych's support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We need to talk about childhood cancer

Jaiveer was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in March 2014.Our Scientific Conference, Childhood Cancer 2016, took place on 5th - 7th September.

It was a key opportunity to engage with the childhood cancer research community, seeking their input into the development of our new research strategy.

The conference facilitated the sharing of information and knowledge with speakers from a broad mix of scientists and clinicians who joined us from the UK and overseas. There were also panel debates, supporting a multi-way dialogue.

Read more: We need to talk about childhood cancer

Jet supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Jet petrol tanker with Children with Cancer UK logoJet filling stations supported us by helping to raise awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with this fantastic red petrol tanker.

It's kitted out with our colours and logo and the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ribbon. Jet alsohad 50 tankers across the UK adorned with our logo on the rear.

Jet also supported us by selling Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ribbons in 38 of their petrol stations across the UK.

Share your Golden stories

Thank you for helping us raise awareness of childhood cancer. We'd love to hear if you did something special during September. Please share your stories and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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