Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge step by step guide

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The Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge is simple: children are sponsored to take part in a challenge linked to the number 26 – the number of miles in a marathon.

  1. Choose your challenge. We’ve provided a list of the most popular on the Challenge ideas page, or you can make up your own. Get the children involved and be imaginative.

  2. Give each child that is taking part a sponsorship form. We’ve provided one that can be photocopied on our Resources page.

  3. Set a deadline for the children to return their sponsorship money.

  4. Count up the money you’ve raised. Remember that your school or organisation can choose to keep up to 50 per cent of the total raised.

  5. Send your donation, along with completed sponsorship forms to:
    Children with Cancer UK, 51 Great Ormond Street, London, WC1N 3JQ
    Alternatively you can pay over the phone by calling 020 7404 0808.

  6. Let us know how many children have taken part so we can send each child a very special Mr. Men and Little Miss medal.

It’s that simple!

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