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DCUK company gives a little back

DCUK, The Original Duck Company, has supported Children with Cancer UK for a number of years, selling a childhood cancer awareness duck and making a donation of £4 for every sale.

Owner Craig Wensley says:

As a company, DCUK is keen to help Children with Cancer UK which is carrying out valuable work in the fight against cancer, and supporting children and their families in their daily struggles with this terrible disease.



About DCUK


DCUK has been brightening up homes and gift choices for years now. Based in the pretty English village of Diptford, perched on a hill overlooking the River Avon in Devon, DCUK hand decorates a range of wooden ducks, owls and penguins which are very popular. Inspired by carved wooden ornaments from indonesia, where the texture of Bamboo roots is used to imitate feathers, DCUK products now decorate homes across the UK.

All products can be ordered online

To get your special edition ducky with a gold ribbon in support of Children With Cancer UK, click here.

We hope you will help us to support this great cause!


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