Funding research

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We are currently funding more than 50 research projects at centres of excellence around the UK. These projects are investigating a broad range of childhood cancers – helping us to better understand these diseases and to find more effective, less toxic ways of treating them.

All applications for funding are rigorously assessed by members of our Scientific Advisory Panel, with the assistance of other leading experts from around the world. In this way we can be confident that we are funding only the most promising research.

Current research

One of the greatest medical success stories of the last century is the amazing growth in the survival from childhood cancer. Fifty years ago, only a quarter of children diagnosed with cancer survived. Today, more than 80 per cent of young patients can be successfully treated.

...unfortunately the children who survive may be left with serious health and developmental problems...However, cancer still claims the lives of around 250 children every year in the UK. And unfortunately the children who survive may be left with serious health and developmental problems as a result of the intensive treatments used to save their young lives.

Through our investment in research, we are taking forward our understanding of childhood cancer, to give new insights into ways of treating young patients with even the most difficult forms of cancer. We hope to drive up the survival rate still further whilst reducing the risk of harm.

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Development of research facilities

On occasion, we provide capital funding to aid the development of research facilities.

By assisting in the establishment of dedicated research centres, we help to bring research teams together and provide access to improved facilities and equipment.

This helps scientists and clinicians to make the best possible progress in their work, for the benefit of children with cancer.

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Sharing the results of research

aerial view of our scientific conference at Church HouseAs well as directly funding research, we work hard to encourage the sharing of results.

We have hosted a number of important research meetings including three major conferences and a number of smaller, focused research workshops.

Our most recent event was a specialist workshop on drug delivery in childhood brain tumours, which took place in February 2016.

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In September 2016 we’ll be hosting Childhood Cancer 2016, our fourth international conference.

Visit Childhood Cancer 2016 conference website

We also provide funding for other conferences and meetings, organised by others working in the field.

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