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This Christmas, we’ll be following families at three different stages of their childhood cancer journey. Through our research, we hope that one day every child will enjoy a chemo free Christmas.


Chemo Free Christmas

Christmas is a special time for families. That one time in the year when life winds down and loved ones come together.

But for some families dealing with the effects of childhood cancer, Christmas can take on a whole new meaning.

This Christmas, we’ll be following families at three different stages of their childhood cancer journey as they navigate the holiday period. Follow us on  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout December to keep up-to-date.

We will be hosting special Christmas parties in London and Manchester in December for families affected by childhood cancer. It will be a chance for them to forget about the stress and after shocks of a diagnosis and enjoy quality time together as a family.

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Christmas with chemo

Spending Christmas in hospital while your child is receiving treatment can be incredibly isolating. Your contrasting situation with other ‘normal’ families made all the starker. It’s often at this sensitive time of year, that families look towards a future festive period that’s hospital, chemo and cancer free.

In December, we’ll be sharing stories of children who have spent Christmas in hospital previously or are having chemotherapy at Christmas this year.

My first chemo-free Christmas

Spent as a family, the first Christmas after treatment can mark the end of a long and painful journey. A celebration of how far they’ve come and how precious life is.

In December, we’ll be sharing Mia’s story. Mia is ringing the End of Treatment Bell on the 17 December, meaning this will be her first chemo-free Christmas.


Christmas after chemo

For those celebrating multiple years’ chemo-free, Christmas may begin to feel the same as before. But the effects of cancer linger, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Because chemo-free doesn’t always mean that everything is back to normal.

In December, we’ll be sharing Vega’s experience of the holiday period, after finishing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in 2013.


How you can get involved

We are wishing every family affected by childhood cancer a chemo-free Christmas, whether that’s possible this year or in the future. We fund research to find cures and develop kinder, safer treatments so that one day every child will survive their diagnosis and face fewer long-term side effects.

Share your experiences of spending Christmas with a child affected by cancer by tagging us on Twitter and using #ChemoFreeChristmas.

How you can help

Donate today and help us continue to fund vital specialist research so that more children can have a chemo-free Christmas.

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