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Step by step guide

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Organising a Cheeky Monkey's Marathon Challenge is a fun and easy way for your school or youth group to support Children with Cancer UK and help the fight against childhood cancer. 

Our step by step guide to organising your Challenge

  • Choose a Challenge - we have lots of ideas for you to choose from or you can make up one of your own.

  • When you register online, we'll send you a poster to tell everyone about your Challenge - what you are doing, where and when it will take place.

  • Give each child who is participating a sponsorship form.  Download more forms from our Resources section.

  • You can also download a letter for parents from our Resources section.  This letter will tell them more about the Challenge and Children with Cancer UK.

  • To order more resources, visit our Resources section or contact the Children's Fundraising Team on 020 7404 0808 or email cheekymonkey@childrenwithcancer.org.uk.

  • Have fun completing your Challenge!

  • Set a deadline for the children to return their sponsorship money. It is always easier if money is collected quickly after your event has taken place.

  • Count up all the money you have raised - remember, your school or organisation can choose to keep up to 50 per cent of the total raised.

  • Send your donation by post to Children with Cancer UK, 51 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JQ.

  • Alternatively, donate by telephone - please call the Children’s Fundraising Team on 020 7404 0808 with your payment card details.

  • Please let us know how many children have taken part. We'll then send you a goody bag of fabulous Cheeky Monkey souvenirs for the children to share.

It really is that simple!
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A girl cuddling a Cheeky Monkey mascotFundraising tips and resources

We have some top tips for fundraising and extra resources to make your Cheeky Monkey's Marathon Challenge extra special. 

Read more:  Resources | Fundraising top tips | Challenge ideas

Where your money goes

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