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Our appeals help us fund life-saving research for children and young people with cancer. Thanks to your support we are currently funding over 50 life-saving research projects around the UK.

Bella-Rose Radio Appeal

Our TV and radio adverts focus on an update from Bella-Rose, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was just three years old. Bella-Rose spent many Christmases in hospital and is looking forward to spending this Christmas at home with her family.

Please give other children the chance to spend Christmas at home with their family.

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Give the gift of hope this Christmas

Alice was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma a week before her second birthday in 2019. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer which only has a 50% survival rate. We believe that no parent should be told that their child only has a 50% chance of survival. That is why research is still urgently needed.

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Our TV appeal

Every day in the UK, 12 children and young people like Bella-Rose are diagnosed with cancer. Please give £3 and help us create a world where every child survives their cancer diagnosis.

Watch our TV advert to see how your £3 can help.

Watch our TV advert

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Appeal

Cancer should never get in the way of a child’s future. Sadly, 2 out of 3 childhood cancer survivors will experience lifelong side effects because of their cancer or its treatment.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, you can help fund research into developing less harmful treatments for children like Sophia.

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