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Our appeals help us fund life-saving research for children and young people with cancer. Thanks to your support we are currently funding over 50 life-saving research projects around the UK.

Give hope to children facing cancer amid COVID-19 uncertainty

As we face the uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic, what does remain certain is that 12 children and young people will be diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.

We want to ensure that during the worrying months that lie ahead, we can continue to give hope to young cancer patients and their families.

Please help us to support children with cancer through these uncertain times.

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Give the gift of hope this Christmas

This Christmas, your help is urgently needed. The pandemic has put the future progress of childhood cancer research at risk. Your support today can help secure the future of research so that one day every child can survive. By helping to invest in research today, you are giving hope to future generations of children like Lily.

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Finding kinder, safer and more effective treatments.

Ceylian was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in 2017.  Unfortunately, chemotherapy is no longer an option for Ceylian as it’s proved to be ineffective. The hope is he can receive a new genome treatment which is more tailored and targeted.

Please support us so we can help children like Ceylian by investing in high quality childhood cancer research that would otherwise go unfunded.

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Our TV appeal

Every day in the UK, 12 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer. Please give £3 and help us create a world where every child survives their cancer diagnosis.

Watch our TV advert to see how your £3 can help.

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