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Cheeky Monkey's souvenirs

cheeky monkey souvenirs
Once you've completed your Cheeky Monkey's Marathon Challenge, we'll send you some fabulous souvenirs!

When you are ready to send your donation, please tell us how many children participated.

We'll send every child who participated a fundraising sticker as a thank you for all their efforts.

If you raise any of the following amounts for Children with Cancer UK, we'll send you a goody bag of fantastically fun Cheeky Monkey souvenirs to share with every child who took part.

What you'll receive
£100+ Goody bag containing stickers and Cheeky Monkey and friends Klip'emons

£250+ Stickers, Klip'emons and some special Cheeky Monkey playing cards

£500+ Stickers, Klip'emons, playing cards and some Bubblegum Character caps

£1000+ All of the above, plus some yo-yo's and a few very special Cheeky Monkey calculators

Don't forget to tell us what you've done for your Cheeky Monkey's Marathon Challenge!

Thank you for all your support.

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