Fundraising at work


Want to fundraise at work but not sure what to do? 
We’ve put together a list of fun and easy fundraising ideas to get you started:

  1. Monthly/Weekly Dress Down or Dress Up Days - £1

  2. Bake sales and competitions – Valentines, Easter, Halloween or Christmas themed.  Prizes for best cake, best decorated, most imaginative!

  3. Sweepstakes for various sporting events.

  4. Raffles and lotteries – you could even raffle a day off work!

  5. Unwanted Gift Sale – colleagues bring in unwanted gifts to sell or make donations, with all proceeds to the charity.

  6. Organise a second hand book stall – if you have space, set up an area for colleagues to bring in books, pay a £1 to take a book.  This could be permanent or just on one day a month.

  7. Pot Luck Lunch – bring something homemade for lunch – have a big buffet lunch with colleagues and donate money you would have spent buying lunch that day.

  8. Bad behaviour – work out the worst crime in the office and get individuals to pay for their misdemeanour, whether it’s being late, using their mobile phones, swearing, falling asleep etc

  9. Who’s the baby competition – dig up your old baby photos and get your colleagues to guess which one is you!

  10. Sponsored Pledges – make pledges and ask the rest of the staff to sponsor you (for example a caffeine addict or chocoholic might pledge to give up coffee/chocolate for a week/month).

  11. Bid for the Boss – hold an auction for the manager to be your slave for the day, sponsor them to wear something ridiculous for a week or swap their office space for yours!

  12. Quiz Night - this could be a simple fun night in a pub or a bigger event involving clients or suppliers – remember we are happy to help, not only on the night, but with the organisation of the event too.

  13. An auction of promises, where in addition to good prizes, people offer their time or use of their belongings. Examples include: four hours babysitting, a day’s gardening, loan of a boat, caravan, or weekend cottage.

  14. Dragon Boat Race – a great event for both the participants and spectators. Have plenty of food, drinks, music and entertainment to make it a spectacular challenge!

  15. Golf Day.

  16. 5-a-side football or netball competition or mixed!

  17. Create your own challenge - this could be a climb, run or cycle from just a few miles to a few hundred miles! For the bigger challenge we can help with putting you in touch with the challenge company we use. 

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