Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge ideas

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Here are some of our favourite Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge ideas:

  • Your own marathon. Between you do a group run or walk 26 miles, or 26 laps around the playground. Perfect for the Little Miss Quicks in the class...

  • A team workout. Have 26 different exercise stations set up and get sponsored to complete each one. A challenge for Mr. Lazy?

  • An obstacle course. A race over a course with 26 obstacles. Could be a good one for Mr. Strong!

  • A dance-athon. Dance for 26 minutes or 26 songs. Little Miss Somersault should be good at this.

  • A sponsored silence. Stay quiet for 26 minutes, 2 hours and 6 minutes or 26 hours! Mr. Quiet would find this one easy.

  • A spell-athon. Learn to spell 26 new words. Ideal for Little Miss Brainy.

  • A naming challenge. Name 26 countries, 26 animals, 26 musical instruments – anything at all. Mr. Forgetful will need to concentrate...

  • A litter pick. Each member of the group collects 26 pieces of litter. Little Miss Tidy will want to join in.

  • Alphabet challenge. Pick a topic and name 26 things associated with it from A–Z. 
    Eg A-Z of capital cities or A-Z of sports. Will anyone beat Mr. Clever at this one?

  • Food challenge. Everyone eats 26 new foods within a week. Mr. Fussy may not be keen...

  • A comedy show. Tell 26 jokes in an hour. Mr. Funny will have us all laughing!

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