Our campaigns

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We campaign to protect children with leukaemia and children at risk of developing leukaemia.

We alert policy makers about issues to do with children with or at risk of leukaemia. We seek to influence the development of policies that promote the best interests of these children.

We are actively campaigning on several fronts.

Electricity, power lines and childhood leukaemia

We are working with policymakers to raise awareness of the association between childhood leukaemia and high-voltage power lines.

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Our work with policy makers

We are dedicated to raising awareness of leukaemia and other childhood cancers amongst policy makers.

In Whitehall, we work with MPs and Peers from all political parties to raise awareness of childhood cancers and of our specific campaigning issues.  We also work with elected representatives in the devolved administrations.

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Campaigning successes

We have been campaigning for a number of years to protect more children from cancer.

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