Paediatric brain tumour initiative

In 2014, in response to the apparent dearth of funding going into paediatric brain tumour research, we ring-fenced funds of £3 million to be spent over a three year period on innovative new brain tumour research.

These funds were additional to those available through our pre-existing funding streams (such as project grants and research fellowships), through which we would continue to encourage applications in the brain tumour field.

Underpinning this new initiative was a strong emphasis on collaborative working

The first phase of funding supported four projects totalling £1.8m, with an emphasis on collaboration - with researchers working together to share samples, data and expertise for maximum progress.

The second phase supported four projects totalling £1.24m with a focus the effectiveness of therapy through improved drug delivery systems or the use of novel technologies

This has brought our total expenditure for the Brain Tumour Initiative to over £3m - achieving the initiative's aim when launched in 2014.

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Delivery of therapy to childhood CNS tumours

In February 2016, we hosted a workshop on drug delivery in paediatric brain tumours.

Under the Chairmanship of Professor David Walker, chair of our Scientific Advisory Panel, we brought together a unique group of people to tackle the very specific problem of drug delivery in childhood brain tumours; the first workshop of this kind worldwide.

As well as some of the UK’s leading scientists and clinicians, we were joined by leading figures from Europe, the US and Canada. We were also joined by other research funders, patient representatives and policy makers.

Participants enjoyed two intensive days of presentations and debate focused on how to overcome the blood-brain barrier and deliver therapy effectively to the brain.

Download ecancer's report of the Drug delivery in paediatric brain tumours workshop

Videos of interviews with some of the workshop speakers are available via ecancer

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