Paul O’Gorman Childhood Leukaemia Research Centre, London

20 November 2008
Researcher at the Institute of Child Health
Opened in 1995
This centre at the Institute of Child Health (ICH), the research arm of Great Ormond Street Hospital, was our first Paul O’Gorman Centre.

We contributed £2 million to the costs of the new centre, which opened in 1995.

Now part of University College London, ICH is the leading British academic research institution for child health.

Scientists in the centre work closely with the clinicians in the Hospital, who treat one in every 10 children diagnosed with cancer in the UK.

A major aim of the close relationship between clinicians and scientists is to translate discoveries from the lab into the clinic, to deliver real benefits to the young patients they treat.

We have funded a series of projects and programmes in the centre since 1995.

We are currently funding important work by Dr Owen Williams looking at the mechanisms underlying the development of childhood leukaemia.

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