In 2017 we continued our support for Lifelites by donating £120,000.

About Lifelites

This unique charity provides life-changing technology to the 10,000 terminally ill and disabled children in UK children’s hospices. These children and young people have life-limiting, life-threatening and disabling conditions. Around 10% of them have cancer. Visit Lifelites website

Why the equipment is so important

Sally Blower, from Rainbows hospice for children and young people explained why the equipment from Lifelites is so important for children affected by cancer:
The special technologies donated by Lifelites enable children with cancer to stay part of their social groups when they are at the hospice and play with their brothers and sisters. The equipment provides a welcome distraction from their situation and an element of escapism, giving them something else to think about. It also allows the children to be creative using the programs and online resources. It is fun but also informative – with it often used to gain knowledge about their condition or things in general which they are interested in. Very importantly, it means they can communicate with others if their speech is affected. This means they can stay involved in the world around them for as long as possible.

Children with Cancer UK Donation

Chief Executive of Lifelites Simone Enefer Doy said:
We are incredibly grateful for this kind donation from Children with Cancer UK. The specialist assistive technology which Lifelites provides helps children with cancer at every children’s hospice service to play, be creative, communicate and control something for themselves. Providing this magical technology, as well as ongoing maintenance and support, costs Lifelites over £1,000 a month per hospice. The money will change lives and help us continue to give children with limited life, unlimited possibilities.
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