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Louis and Grace explain Dr Zoe's research

Cancer survivor, Louis, and his twin sister Grace explain Dr Zoe's research - one of the research projects we fund.

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Dr Beth's daughter, Romy, explains some of her mum's research

Dr Beth and Romy with microscopeAs part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we asked Dr Beth's daughter, Romy, to explain some of her mum's research on leukaemia that we are funding.

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What's it like for a young person with cancer?

Elliot during treatment

When Elliott was 16 he developed an abnormal swelling on his leg. It was diagnosed as a rare type of soft tissue cancer. Elliott is now 19 and fighting the cancer for the third time.

Elliott's podcast

"I like to help people and get the word out about childhood cancers."

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Charlotte wearing her medalIt came as a terrible shock to the Hutchinson family when their active 13 year old daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Charlotte's podcast

"I didn’t want to get beaten by cancer. Every day we always said with our family, we don’t want to get beaten by it and carry on."

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A Parent's perspective

Charlotte with mum PamPam's podcast

Charlotte's mum Pam talks about the the impact of childhood cancer from a mum's perspective.

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