Paul O'Gorman Diagnostic Testing Laboratory, Manchester

30 December 2006
Paul OGorman Diagnostic Testing Laboratory, Manchester
Opened in 2006
We provided funding to equip the ‘molecular diagnostic’ laboratory, part of a new translational research facility at the Paterson Institute. 

The Paterson Institute is an integral part of the oncology centre at the Christie Hospital, a specialist cancer hospital serving the north west of England.
Translational research is about taking the results from the laboratory bench to the bedside – translating the science into new treatments.

We provided funding of £750,000 to equip the ‘molecular diagnostic’ laboratory, one of a number of laboratories in the new translational research facility which opened in 2006.

A major focus of the work to take place in this lab will be the development of improved diagnostic tests for the different types of leukaemia.

Scientists working in the lab will be able to take advantage of powerful new technologies to screen leukaemic cells for genetic alterations.

This will help young patients who are currently being treated at Christies, as their doctors will be able to use this information to decide which treatment regimes would best suit them. It will also facilitate the development of new, improved diagnostic tests for future patients.

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